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There are now light electric bicycles, expensive and big hybrid cars. With our activity we would like to fill in the market gap between these two products creating a vehicle that combines the advantages of these two widely used types of vehicles, but tries to get rid off it's well-known disadvantages. A bicycle is liable to the weather conditions, it's security trim level is low, it's seats are uncomfortable in the long run. We can develop all these conditions. The specific energy consumption, the too big size and the too much energy dependence of cars - used in a city - also should be solved/improved.

Our company tops in developing and applying alternative energy sources but till now we were focusing on the built environment. During the innovations a new idea appeared, that the technology we know could be applied on vehicles, even at a high level where energy supply based on fossil energy sources - like electric current and hydrocarbon fuel - can be replaced.
The greatest novelty of our developments is that the vehicle is able to take along these energy-producing equipments, so it is completely unrelated to any power network. On various energy efficiency competitions there are such specific vehicles that can be used on test track.
Reviewing and rethinking all of our real needs, developing our transport culture and integrating the appropriate, available modern technologies a vehicle like this can be feasible.
As far as we know, nowhere else in the world exist a hybrid vehicle on trade, that is zero emission from the primer energy producing, to the implementation, in addition it satisfies completely an average worker's daily traffic demands.
The project Pannonrider aims to explore the energy-weight balance, that is suitable - with producing the necessary but the less energy - for doing the daily distance. Further goal is that the user should not be immovabled from the aspect of energy-supply, we aim the total freedom.
The user's comfort, the 4-season usability, the durability are important. The vehicle's low maintenance costs are evident costumer's priority. The traget of the Pannonrider is to minimize the maintenance costs.
The improvements of the big automakers don't solve the problems they raise, non of these innovations possess with 0 emission of harmful substances. The weather conditions exclude the open vehicles for at least half of the year, or heavily limit its use, while the 4-5-seater hybrid vehicles don't solve the everyday traffic jams on the urban roads. They also use hydrocarbons at a reduced rate next to electric power.

The product, that can be created from the prototype, makes a new market segment.

We know on the market another product, that uses renewable energy, covered - it can be used 4-seasons, ergonomic, comfortable, package can be carried with it, but we don't know other vehicle on the market which produces energy.

Since our essential goal is sustainable development and the spreading of the energy awareness in traffic, we would like to improve the prototype, to make the standardized production possible. We would like to satisfy the demand with launching a hungarian producer plant.

We believe that our idea is able to boost the global changes in attitude towards the realization of sustainable development.