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Our goal is - as a response to urban smog, traffic jams, high price of fuel and renting - to develop a means of transport that:

- Uses solar energy source
- Is hybrid propulsion: human and electric power
- Belongs to bicycle category, driving licence isn’t necessary, there is no vehicle liability insurance, weight tax
- Protects it’s passenger from wind, rain, urban dust, however, does not pollute the environment
- It’s efficient range makes it possible to use it everyday, on the way to work
- It makes possible to do exercise everyday

Take a bike! Two wheels, three wheels? The two wheels in of course require less power, while the three-wheeled solution has several advantages. It can be covered and there is no need to put down your feet when you stop. Many people are averse from two-wheel bike, the three-wheel promisses better security. The three-wheel is not sensitive to the cross-wind. And finally: a very confortable posture can be formed alike driving in a car.

Transform it to a hybrid vehicle! To do this, use a three-phase electric drive, which immediately ensures a high efficiency, and regenerating braking energy to the battery. Gearwheels, gearbox become unnecessary burden and source of noise.

Put some solar cells on it! There is few space on an instrument like this so high-technology should be applied. Today there are available cells in commerce, that from 1m2 can collect 150W. A car - used in a city - 80% of the time is waiting for its owner in front of the working place. The solar cells should charge the planned battery in a day: There is a lot of time to charge the batteries.

Prepare for gloomy days! Secondary power source: Battery. On the bicycle there is few space but it is also important not to make it heavy. So we reach out for high-technology. Wise men say that you don't have to find the hole in the pipe: let's use ultra strong Lithium-nanophospate batteries that have already worked well in hybrid vehicles. (A123cell) Here the energy storage is lossless, almost 100%.

Make it comfortable! Cover the bike, put in some comfy seats, put on a rear-view mirror, a computer, or conversely: First create the cover as a chassis less structure, and you only need the wheels from the bike.