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pannonrider 2

The target of the project PannonRider 2 is to create a philanthropic,environmentally friendly vehicle - driven by alternative, constantly renewable energy - that doesn't use fossil energy from the environment and doesn't contamine it with stack gas.

In addition, persently doesn't exist a HPV that operates without uploading frequently some kind of fossil energy source, or without electricity produced by fossil energy. Our goal is to stop this kind of energy dependence. To reach this goal, we would like to put on the vehicle alternative energy sources that are able to cover the energy demand which is necessary to make the vehicle operate. So the vehicle won't need service stations.

The basic parameters of the hybrid HPV driven by alternative energy:

Emission of harmful substance:                0 glkm

Top speed:                                                50 km/h

Range:                                                      70 km

Weight:                                                      30 kg

Capacity:                                                   120 kg

Gradability:                                                20 %

Lifetime:                                                     min. 10 years

- Zero emission from the primary energy production to final use
- Network independent alternative energy production and storage on the vehicle
- Human and other alternative energy use in the drive train
- Application of environmentally friendly, recyclable materials in each unit
- Electronic energy and drive management
- Ultra lightweight, yet secure body, which protect passengers from all external impacts
- Ergonomic interior
- Undercarriage: in the font and at the rear, damped, adjustable suspension
- Braking: braking energy, regenerating braking
- Fits today's environmental, security and quality demand
- Attractive design
- Low exceeding height, easy to get in for PRM
- Fast, safe, simple, battery charging