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The PannonRider1 concept vehicle lived up to the expectations: It became the winner of the IV. Széchenyi Race's marathon event in 'other' category (not a car, and not a motorcycle). During the 1 hour race it travelled 22 km under racing circumstances, in shade and sunshine, on hairpin bend, and speeding phases.
It's maximum speed is over 31 km/h. During the three-day long event, it didn't need any external power source or network charge.
However the capacity of the applied battery used in electric bicycles is half, about 6 Ah.

The electric bicycle after the electric transformation yet without solar cells:
- The available maximum speed: 37 km/h
- Range next to 17-23 km/h: 25 km
- Current consumption (at the same speed as above): 80-125W
- Battery life: 40-50 minutes, capacity of the battery is only 4,6 Ah!
- Driving distance with accelerating to top speed, with deceleration, without regenerating braking energy: 10900 m. At start the 250W nominal performance engine perform 650-670W.

Technical data of the transformation:
- Engine: 250W, three-phase wheel hub, HUB engine
- Akkupack: 24 pieces, in A123 Li-lon cells 2300 mAh 12S2P assembly
- Total battery site: 39,6V 4,6 Ah with 182 Wh capacity
- Total mass of the batteries: only 1,8 kg!!!
- Solar cell: 3 pieces of Kyocera solar cells, 43W, 16% cell efficiency!

State before the prototype: an operating concept car with solar cells:
- During the sunshine in april it recharges in half of a day
- The solar cells ensures continuous operation: While the sun shines to the cells, the PannonRider operates continuously.